Blunt Hotel

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By entering Blunt Hotel you electroniclally sign a legal binding contract, Agreeing that you are in no way afflitirated with the Sulake Corporation, Or Habbo Hotel incorporated. You also agree by entering this site you will not take ANY action against this website for it's contents. The contents within this site are privately held, And are not open to private parties or businesses. Violating this contract may result in legal action. The owners of Blunt are in no way responsible for the content within. The contents belong to their makers, And were not made by the creators of this site. This is merely a resource available to those looking for something specific, And nothing more. Should you use the content of this site, You do so of your own will. By using Blunt, You may be incriminating yourself. The people of Blunt do so anonymously, And can not be prosecuted for any purpose. The  Owner of this Website's soul intention is to educate it's users.  If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, And refuse to sign this contract, We ask that you disregard anything you have read or seen on this website, And leave immediately. If you can not meet the conditions of this contract, You may not enter, And by doing so knowingly, You violate this contract, Giving us the right to take legal action, At your expense. You also agree not to report us to sulake or threaten to report us to Sulake.

- Blunt Hotel Management 

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By voting for Blunt Hotel, You support us and are helping us grow, If you do this daily, And also invite your friends you are doing us a great favour, And we appreciate this so much, Don't forget, Every milestone we get we give out free rares and credits!

Milestone - 10 Users - 50c

Milestone - 25 Users - 75c

Milestone 50 Users - 100c

Milestone 75 Users - 125c

Milestone 100 Users - 150c + Choco Ice Cream Maker [R]

More milestones to come.

Habbo Retros (Habbo) - Play Habbo for Free!
Habbo Retros (Habbo) - Play Habbo for Free!